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The BLUE Mortgage’s easy to use app allows Canadians to make smart decisions about their Mortgage financing while they shop for their next mortgage. During the last 9 years of my carrier as a Mortgage Professional, I had been facing the following issues:


  1. To offer/terminate any Special Rate or Program, I had to email those to my clients
  2. To calculate the Affordability for clients whose Credit were Good, I had to do that myself as all of the online calculators were set based on the credit score of less than 680
  3. As most of the Major Banks calculate the Rental Suite’s Income in a different way than what some of our Mono-line Lenders do, almost all of the purchasers were not aware how much the rental suite’s income can increase their affordability.


To avoid the above issues I decided to create this App which allows you to check out our Daily Special Rates & Programs anytime you need and also allows you to calculate and consider the following items:


  • Canadian Mortgage Payments (variable or fixed)
  • Various Payment Frequencies including Monthly, Bi-weekly & Bi-weekly accelerated
  • Estimated Maximum Affordability (future update)
  • Provincial Property Transfer Taxes
  • First Time Home Buyers’ rebates
  • Share your Calculations via Email


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